Welcome to Coffee to a Tea

21 February 2010


Located in the West End Market on Main Street’s West End in Greenville, SC, is this hidden gem of special confections and coffee concoctions! C2AT Patio Coffee to a Tea offers personally selected coffee, espresso, and tea. Artisan breads and cakes give this coffee shop it’s distinctive edge and characterize it’s commitment to all natural ingredients.  Homemade sandwich spreads, baked goods, and soups offer healthy choices for everyone.  The owners also specialize in art cakes ( wedding cakes - birthday cakes - personalized groom cakes - shower cakes ) and catering for any event. Coffee to a Tea is perfect for lunch with friends or a quiet spot for reading and relaxing.  Support your local coffee shop and bakery and you will be happy you did! (Free Wi-Fi)

Suite 101 - Lower Level


16 March 2013

We’ve added breads to our menu!

Order your loaves today! 864.373.9836








RosePortBread*Breads contain egg and may contain soy.

*Please allow 24 hours for your order.  864.373.9836

*If you have questions about ingredients please do not hesitate to ask!

We also make Gluten Free Muffins, Cakes (Check out our flavors on our Cake Menu page), Brownies, and Cookies!!!

Call for daily availability!



Confections and Concoctions and Construction.. Oh My.

2 March 2013


The West End is undergoing a HUGE improvement! Some improvement projects, like this one, come with orange cones, parking nightmares, and lots of commotion! If it weren’t for front-end loaders and guys in hard hats it would be a carnival!

Don’t be scared off! We’ll still be open and maintaining Coffee to a Tea’s great food and drink, special diet options, and a relaxed atmosphere for work or leisure.

Parking will remain available in our back parking lot and we will retain both entrances; side and front. Help us keep the West End prosperous and vibrant during this time of construction. Just like a great loaf of bread – You’ve got to beat it down to build it up. The benefits will be tangible and the West End will be in a great position for growth and future plans!kneading dough

The project should come to a close late May 2013!

Coffee to a Tea will still be brewing and baking!!

New Location

7 December 2010

Suite 101 - Lower Level

We’ve moved!

In five gruelling days we moved our entire business from the wilder West End to it’s new location in the tamer and more slightly habitated Greenville’s West End. West End Market is even older than Tucker’s Soda Shop. Built in 1865 as a cotton warehouse, West End Market is now the home to Coffee to a Tea!

We haven’t tamed our ~All Natural~ menu and are excited to be adding some new items!!

Come visit our new location!

1 Augusta Street
Suite 101
Greenville, SC 29601

Modern & Unique Space

6 April 2010


Rent space for your event and catering in Greenville, SC!

Rent our space for or any event.

Barista available for coffee and beverage bar.

Servers available for refreshments.

Catering available. (some restrictions apply)

Call for details.   864.373.9836

1 Augusta Street Suite 101 – Greenville, SC

One Year Anniversary Party!

14 March 2010

Coffee to a Tea is celebrating it’s One Year Anniversary – Friday, March 19th!

We want to thank everyone who has supported us throughout this fabulous year of new adventures, new friends, and bringing All Natural to the Wild West End!

There will be music, food, cake, fun, and BINGO!

Come celebrate with us and you are automatically entered to win $100 worth of CAKE!

All day we will be giving away Irish Cream Lattes!

BINGO will be played through out the day for prizes!

Bring your friends and invite them to be C2AT fans on Facebook!

Gluten Free Paradise

22 February 2010

GLUTEN FREE in Greenville, SC!

We offer Gluten-Free and All Natural Sugar substitutes!

Our Gluten-Free menu is your dream come true! We can make all of our cakes and cookies as Gluten-Free alternatives!  If you have any questions or have a dessert/food item that you would like us to try making Gluten-Free, let us know. 864.373.9836

We sell our Gluten-Free breads in loaves and as sandwiches! Finally delicious Gluten-Free in Greenville, SC.