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New Location

7 December 2010

Suite 101 - Lower Level

We’ve moved!

In five gruelling days we moved our entire business from the wilder West End to it’s new location in the tamer and more slightly habitated Greenville’s West End. West End Market is even older than Tucker’s Soda Shop. Built in 1865 as a cotton warehouse, West End Market is now the home to Coffee to a Tea!

We haven’t tamed our ~All Natural~ menu and are excited to be adding some new items!!

Come visit our new location!

1 Augusta Street
Suite 101
Greenville, SC 29601


4 Comments to “New Location”

  1. My boyfriend,Jonathan and I found your place while walking around downtown. It was closed, but the owner let us in to take a look and explain all about his cafe.
    We have been back several times and love everything about the place.
    Going to ask about a wedding cake for us.

  2. Condescend much, GP?

  3. Dear Sirs and Madams,
    I am a mere consumer of food who seeks sources for personal satisfaction, and in that role I have tried to find out how to go to your restaurant for fulfillment. Two things occur to me: first, and most egregiously, it is not possible for a reasonable person with moderate means to identify where on this planet you are (I have lived in the Upstate for almost 40 years, and have dined at Velo Fellow, with which I suspect you may be contiguous) and suspect that you might increase your sales if you revisited your self description. Second, you confused the contraction and possessive of “you” three times in your write-up. That hardly gives one confidence in your ability to follow recipes. How you respond to these observations, provided at no cost (normally, I charge $300 per hour) will determine your future, I suspect. Best wishes! Gerry Poster

  4. Hey Dawn! Loved your place as much as the blueberry muffin. Can wait to try try the 4 layer chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.
    Check out my pics about Coffee to a Tea
    Best Wishes

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